Sweden was the first country in the World to issue a law regarding sustainability. The current Swedish law has been developed in four steps. See below.
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Step 1: Swedish law of year 1905

Every forest owner has to plant new trees after harvesting the forest.

Step 2: Swedish law of year 1923

All farmers owning forests have to look after their forests and make so much new plantation of trees, so that the farm can sustain for the future.

The word “sustainabiliy” was implemented.

Step 3: Swedish law of year 1948

This law is embracing all forests in Sweden, saying that all forest owners must have a sustainable production. Sweden was the first country in the World to implement a country wide sustainability law.

Step 4: Swedish law of year 1993

The law states that the biological diversity is equal important as the production of wood.

There are still countries, where it is still possible to harvest virgin forests, without caring about biological diversity. Sweden is NOT such a country!

Result of the Swedish laws:

The last 100 years the growing stock in Sweden has doubled.

Every year the net growth is 10%, so the growing stock is constantly increasing.