Construction, formwork

Bridgeform made of tongued and grooved sprucepanels carried by frames of strength graded wood. Spruce panels are strong, cheap and versatile. Spruce panels are preferred when making curved forms.

The prefabricated frames were made in factory and can be used many times. Joints are made of nailplates.

The forms are light and can easily be moved with a light crane.

A 400 meter long railwaybridge at the entrance to Stockholm city. The bridge has a curved section and the finished concrete surface must be perfect, as the bridge will be visible to all coming to Stockholm from north.

The formsurface is made av 4mm plywood carried by tongued and grooved spruce panels. The long wooden formsections are light.

Form for the cantilever slab of a bridge over the highway to Stockholm. The form is made of tongued and grooved spruce panels carried by timber formwork beams.

Formwork for a box girder bridge near Stockholm. Formsurface of tungued and grooved spruce panels supported by structures of strength graded wood of strength class C24.